Wednesday, February 20, 2013

MTC Week 1!

Today is perhaps one of the greatest days I have ever lived, and it is because it is a day that starts with a P. I am lounging in some comfy PJs in a cramped and musty laundry room typing an email as fast as my little fingers can go. It finally seems like the sun has decided to shine these past few days, and we also were able to attend the temple today as a district (plus I have scheduled to take a nap today...). I don't think that I have ever blessed more people at one time than when I taught all the 18-19 year old elders in the entire laundry facility today how to do their stinkin' laundry. I guess that's really what the age change did for all the high school boys!

The MTC is not a frightening place, in fact, I think that it is rather fun. From the time that I was  dropped off, I must admit I needed to choke back my tears and pull my self together, but from that point on that was not again a problem.  My companion's name is Sister Dagsen.  She is 20 years old and from Sandy Utah and is also going to Toronto. I really, really like her. She and I teach well together and we have such a fun time.  I am lucky to have her.  Sister Tebbs (19, from Cedar Hills UT) and Sister Balderson (22, from Alberta Canada) are companions in our room and district and are fantastic.  The four of us roll around and run this MTC (or at least we feel like it).  Tebbs is our little comedian, and lucky for me, she knows every song I break out singing, and we jam out to everything during the day from Les Mis, Pitch Perfect, to Justin Bieber and hymns, of course (cause we're missionaries now).  Everyday we have gym time, and contrary to popular belief, I am an athletic lady.  We call Sister Balderson Ballin' Balderson when we play the other Elders in our district, and we always kill them.  It is so much fun.  

They definitely keep us VERY busy here. We have lots of time to study, and lots of class time. I really value the opportunity that I have to deepen my understanding of the gospel. It amazes me how I don't get bored of studying the scriptures, and the things that I have been provided with to study. Everything about being in the MTC further demonstrates to me how much Heavenly Father knows me. From the people He has surrounded me with, to the amount of time that I am here (and the fact that I am not learning a language). This is definitely challenging me, but I feel prepared for this.

I must admit, I was the first to be publicly chastised in our district, I think it was the second night. The most frustrating part for me being at the MTC is the schedule. Most of the other missionaries had most recently just left high school (or even have graduated early, our Zone Leader should technically still be in high school), but I've been on my own now for almost three years. I'm used to going to bed when I want to, eating when I want to, etc. So when I get my studying done before everyone else and they won't let me go to bed early, I get very frustrated (I'm getting better at that now). But the second night I was very cranky because it was Valentine's Day and no one gave me my mail, and they wouldn't let me go to bed for no good reason after I had been a very good missionary all day long, and I threatened to put one of the elders in a choke hold.... I guess I learned
to be a little more obedient, and the elders learned that Sister Hutchings needs her mail. Our newly assigned District Leader now is quite good at delivering our mail.

I have been so lucky to see SO many sisters that I know! I have seen Sister Shelley Esplin, Sister Emily Anderson, and many more. Nothing makes me happier than when I see sister missionaries from relief society. I feel like I have purpose here at least as a support for them, if for no one else.

We got our travel plans, and we begin our traveling to Toronto next Monday at 3:00 AM! Isn't that crazy? I can't believe that I've been here a week already, but at the same time, I feel like it's been a long time since I've been here. I feel comfortable, I'm so glad that most of the people that I've come to know and love will be traveling with me to Toronto next week.

It gets really hard when I think about all the people and the life that I left behind, but when I stop and think about all the things that lie in store for me I get really excited, and I am comforted.  I am definitely happy.

Sister Hutchings 

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