Monday, March 25, 2013

Bonus Post: Opening a New Apartment (a drama in several acts)...

Since Sister Arksey and I have received the blessing of stepping foot into our new aparment in Etobicoke South, we received a tour with our apartment tenant to make sure things worked in our apartment. It went a little bit like this:

Tenant (in a Russian accent): "This is how the heat works. See, you turn this knob. It works, right?"

Sister Hutchings: "No, it doesn't"

Tenant: "Oh, well, it doesn't really matter"

... She moved on.

So many members have been giving us extra cooking utensils etc. for our cooking pleasure.  Before we received a frying pan I suppose I thought it was a genius idea to cook a quesadilla on an uneven cookie sheet over the stove top.  It took me far too long to realize that the cookie sheet was too thin.  I didn't figure it out until the whole sheet was burned through, as was the quesadilla, and it was a miracle the smoke didn't set off the alarm.

Speaking of setting off the alarm: In celebration for St. Patrick's Day we thought we'd go all-out the Saturday before and go to McDonald's (I know, big celebration, right?). Sister Arksey bought us apple pies to save and eat that night for dessert after we'd eaten our dinner.  I was sitting at my sturdy desk (see below), studying sweetly as sister missionaries do, when I smelled a smell that should not be coming from our kitchen.  Sister Arksey had thrown the pies into the oven IN THEIR CARDBOARD BOXES because we didn't have anything else to cook them in, and because "she was too tired to think of a better way."  I prayed with extra gratitude that night that we didn't blow ourselves up in our apartment.

For food in our first week in our apartment, Sister Arksey bought frozen berries. Which sounded like a pretty good idea, except that we both forgot we don't have a microwave.  I probably would have just left them in the freezer indefinitely, but Sister Arksey had a far more entertaining idea.  One day I found her heating up the still frozen berries in a pan on the stove top.  Since they were mixed berries, some melted a lot faster than others, they became this nasty, brown, leaking mess.  But, since we're missionaries afterall, she just tossed them into her yogurt and ate them anyway. I don't think she's purchased another bag of frozen berries since.

The day our furniture delivered was one of the more blessed days of my mission thus far. The nice delivery gentlemen assembled our drawers and beds for us, but we were left to ourselves to assemble our desks. We were actually quite excited about it, and lept immediately to the task. Several dinner times and an entire P-day later, Sister Arksey and I had two wobbly desks, swollen hands, and drawers I stubbornly refused to give a third try. Those cute, wobbly desks are the center pieces of our entire apartment. Sister Arksey is a whole lot more patient than I am and somehow built her desk chair correctly, I got impatient and the back of my chair hunches forward. We are quite a sight to be seen! I apologize beforehand for the missionaries who will move in after us, but rest assured: a lot of love has gone into those wobly desks :)

We are finally making our apartment feel like home with maps littering the walls, copies of the Book of Mormon in various languages lining the floor, curtains staple-gunned above the windows and all. There truly is no experience akin to serving the Lord on a full-time mission. What a glorious opportunity we have to laugh in spite of ourselves and to learn in situations of great humility the miracles that Heavenly Father provides for us each and every day.

I marvel that he trusts me in this work.

And Sister Arksey... with the way she cooks food in cardboard boxes....

Sister Hutchings
Etobicoke South

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