Monday, March 25, 2013

The suspicious American elevator breaker...

Each time that I think that I'm getting used to this area and getting the hang of things, I am immediately humbled. Do you think Heavenly Father is playing tricks on me? Probably:) This week started off a little rough when three of our investigators called and dropped us in the first two days. We weren't too discouraged, but looking back it was probably a little foreshadowing of the week to come.  

On Tuesday we had another appointment with Joe. I was pretty excited about it because we had a pretty awesome lesson planned. Too bad somewhere in the beginning on things he found out I was an American and the rest of the lesson was turned into a "bashing of Sister Hutchings" time. He ripped into me about all the wars that the U.S. had entered; drilling me on military history (little did he know I am actually a history major and I truly could answer his questions, but I held in my temper and sass to do so).   Needless to say I was super discouraged after that lesson.  Arksey and I planned for our Friday lesson with Joe intending to invite him to be baptized (I know, flirting with the line of danger here), and if he were to say no (which of course he would), we would leave him with reading assignments from the Book of Mormon and give him two weeks to decide if he wanted to be baptized and for us to figure out if he was prepared to receive the gospel at this time.  I certainly couldn't take another anti-American party on his doorstep, as much fun as that originally was.  When we went to see him on Friday the first thing he said to us was that he had read the chapter from the Book of Mormon that we assigned him (the one that we had to mail him, remember?). We had assigned him to read 3 Nephi 11 (the chapter that talks about Jesus Christ and his visit to the Nephites), but he started asking us questions about the Gadianton Robbers, the Nephites and the Lamanites, the Jaredites etc. "HOW MUCH OF THAT BOOK DID YOU READ, JOE??" Of course he ignored me. But he had read a lot.  Joe surprised us big time, and we believe this was the sign that we were asking for from Heavenly Father that Joe needs this right now, and that a little more persistance is necessary. We can't give up just yet.  Oh, Joe also thinks we're the CIA so he wouldn't give us his last name and phone number.  So we had one of the couple missionaries in the office find it for us online... I just told him that I'm a representative of Jesus Christ and I can do anything.  He is starting to believe it. That man believe in miracles and so do I.  I am starting to believe our interchanges each and every week are the miracles of my mission that I will never forget. No matter how much he hates America :)

Want to know something funny?? I broke an elevator in our building this week. Our superintendent is a member of our ward and I'm pretty sure if he goes back on the security tapes and finds out it was me, he'd laugh pretty hard.  I was contacting a man and telling him about the gospel and he got out of the elevator so I stood inbetween the doors (Arksey was still in the elevator).  The doors kept trying to close on me, and I was deep in conversation, so I kept hitting it back.  The door eventually just broke. Whoops.  It was out for the whole day.  I felt a little bad, but not too bad because I was doing the Lord's work.  I guess maybe I should work on not being so long-winded, eh?

Sister Arksey and I are becoming famous thoroughout the mission for our cooking adventures. Sister Caldwell (our accomplice in the mission office) heard about some of our impromptu cooking ideas and asked me to write about them for our mission newsletter that will be sent out next transfer.  So that description follows this post below.  I will also attach photos of Arksey's frozen berries that she has been grilling on the stove to heat up (since we don't have a microwave).  We have to get pretty dang creative over here, opening a new area.  Oh, here's a new update along those lines: We got a staple gun on Saturday, a natural essential, so this morning I stapled sheets above our window: voila! We finally have curtains! Feeling a bit more homey in apartment 302.

[Editor's note:  Mallory has an unfortunate but colorful history with staple guns.  It involved girls' camp and a trip to the emergency room after hours of agony.  So her new acquisition of a staple gun is not necessarily a good omen.]

Next week my P-day will not be on Monday because the libraries will be closed for Easter Monday (which I believe to be a fake holiday, but whatever).  We just found a fancy new library today that is close to our apartment, so that is quite nice.  Before today, we have been using a different place to email each week! (Two minutes ago I Arksey and I were asked to move into a different location in the library because our typing was "too loud."  They must not understand how furiously we need to write our family and friends, and how valuable our time is!).

We love spending time along the lakeshore (see photos).  This is around the area where Joe is, and it happens to be one of my favorite spots of our area.  Apparently I like to climb things while waiting for our busses and street cars to come, because there I am: climbing a tree.  The other photos are walking along the laksehore with the beautiful Toronto skyline in the background.  Apparently this time of year the weather is usually 20 degrees warmer than it is now.  Bummer.  Hopefully it starts getter warmer soon! I'm ready to be done with my winter coat and the blistering winds. Sometimes when we walk along the lakeshore, Arksey and I literally have to stand still until the winds pass by because they are so strong we cannot walk against them. It is absolute craziness.

I am starting to adjust better to the daily life of a missionary.  We get to go to the temple this Saturday and I am so excited.  The day before Easter, what a fantastic idea!  I have adored and relished in all the support that I have received from all of you.  Thank you, I could not ever thank you enough.  It means everything to know that I have love and support from friends and family back home.  It is also fantastic to hear news updates!   

I try to work hard even when things are hard.  I know that there is much to be done, and that Heavenly Father needs me to do many things in this area.  I love it.  I love being able to find joy in this work.  I'm staying safe, and learning much more than I ever imagined.  Have a fantastic Easter holiday!!

Sister Hutchings

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