Monday, April 15, 2013

April showers...

So this week was very odd, that's for sure.

Last week we were frequented with sunshine, happiness, and all that comes with warmer weather and the whisperings that spring may be in the air (which I feel like it should in the middle of April...); But alas, this week the rains came down and the floods came up.

Yeah, I just quoted that song.

Several times this week Arksey and I found ourselves trekking through the wind and the rainstorms. One one particular night, we were trying to find a house the elders had given us a wrong address for, and we ended up walking for three hours in the middle of a thunder and lightening storm. About halfway through hour two, Arksey and I started getting delirious (probably more me than her) and it ended up being one of my favorite nights on my mission. It was really fun. Too bad it wasn't too productive, apparently not a lot of people walk around the streets at night in the middle of nowhere in a storm... Weird.

Something hit me this week that one might call "determination." I really, really wanted to hit standards and all the goals we had set for ourselves and that were set by our zone. Sister Arksey probably thought I became possessed. She'd never seen that side of me before. We worked really hard, and ALMOST hit all the goals, but we did triple standards in new investigators, and (by some miracle) we had four member present lessons. It was awesome.

We did take a young man with us who is preparing for his mission to an appointment with one of our investigators we've been teaching for quite some time. When we knocked on Beatrice's door, she opened the door and unexpectedly screamed "If you come to my house one more time, I'll show you what I'm made of!" and threw her Book of Mormon at us. So that was a little discouraging and whatnot, but I didn't want to give up on her. She was pretty scary though, part of me doesn't really want to go back and see what Beatrice is really made of....

So Arksey and I have a little routine down for contacting on the bus that makes me feel like a secret agent, that goes a little like this (for the purpose of this story our names will be changed to Starsky and Hutch because I like that better, and because it is fitting): 

Starksy and Hutch get on the bus for wherever they are headed. They are clad from head to toe in somewhat dreary-looking black winter coats because they are out in the cold for extended periods of time. Compared to other people, this may look like Russian mafia or something- already warranting suspicious looks. Adding to the suspicious looks are the peculiar name tags that they wear on their coats with small white printing that makes everyone squint while trying to read them. Hutch is primarily in charge of route navigation, and Starksy in contacting and obtaining phone numbers and addresses of future potential investigators. Hutch will notice the people studying the Russian mafia curiously from the time they boarded the bus, and will nod or give other clues and whisperings to Starsky to let her know. Starsky will then approach such people and strike up conversation as Hutch moves steathily around the bus to pull the stop notifiers and make sure the agents get where they need to be. Hutch eavesdrops on Starksy and the potential's conversation, to observe how it's going, to know exactly when is the appropriate time to pull for their bus stop, and slyly exit and head toward their destination - hopefully with a new contact in hand.

Last week we made the decision to pass one of our most solid investigators Conrod to the YSA sisters. He is such a great guy, but we were able to see him at church this week (we meet at the same building). So I included a few pictures of Conrod and me at church. He was using the phone to call the YSA sisters to let them know he made it there on the bus by himself :)

We are getting so busy with our schedule, that we actually don't have time enough to meet with all our investigators and less-actives that we'd like to! We're really praying for a car so that we don't ahve to deplete our teaching pool. We set Joe with a baptismal date this week (which he said no to, big surprise... but he's still working towards it), which is June 9th. That was a really incredible time because that was the exact day that I got baptized 13 years ago. I really hope that he makes it to that one!

This week the weather is supposed to get much warmer, that makes me happy, but I really did enjoy the rainstorms. Heavenly Father must know that about me, because whenever I was discouraged this week, we ended up getting caught in the storm, and it turned me into a happy missionary once again.

Sister Hutchings


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