Monday, April 8, 2013

No transfer this week...

Guess what? I have been on my mission for two months, this Wednesday. 

The weather reached twenty degrees yesterday and the sun was shining! We were so happy that we took off our winter coats and basked in the sunlight! 

Sister Arksey and I did not receive a transfer call this week so we will stay where we are for at least another six weeks. 

This week we had several fantastic lessons lined up that we were very excited for, but unfortunately almost all of them fell through.  So by the time we were able to relax a little and focus on General Conference, I couldn't have asked for anything more! I love the opportunity that we have to listen to the words of prophets and apostles of God and receive peace and counsel for our lives today. It is a tremendous blessing. 

We were super fortunate to be able to teach one of our new contacts named Mark.  Mark and his sweet mother made us Syrian food (which was scrumptious) and listened intently to the message we briefly shared about the Book of Mormon. Mark's mother had found a pass-along card years before of Jesus Christ and had it taped to her wall. They are very prepared by the Lord, and I am so excited to continue to teach them. 

I love the wonderful letters that I continue to receive from you and other friends and family who take care to write me. This is no easy work. But I love serving the Lord, and there is no better feeling than to know that I am worthy enough to be used by Him in His work.  

Sister Hutchings 

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