Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Okay, so we have literally been on fire in Etobicoke South the past two weeks, and I am very pumped about it.
We are in a very prepared area, and I feel like Arksey and I have begun to see how perfectly the timing has worked out: Now that this area has been opened to us as missionaries and we have gotten our hands "dirty" so-to-speak, the blessings of our hard work are pouring out.

For example, on Sunday there was a lady and her son at church who had come with a member of our ward (who nobody knew about because she usually goes to a different ward because she doesn't know anyone in our ward), and they wanted to meet with us and be baptized. We didn't know this until we met with them last night and taught them about the Restoration of the Church. She and her son said yes to baptism before the words fell out of our mouths. They live on our street. Sister Arksey and I walked out of that appointment dumbfounded by our luck, and literally tried to figure out what on earth we had been doing to be blessed with such prepared investigators from the Lord.

Guess what else is awesome? Orlando is getting baptized on Sunday! Or he should be, if everything works out according to plan :) This will be my first investigator I will have taught from the beginning and been present at his baptismal service, and I'm very excited. Orlando is a 61 year old man from Guyana. He met missionaries four years ago, but was only taught once When we found him, it was clear that he was prepared to receive the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. He has deep biblical knowledge, and can apply it very well. He is a very humble man, and he is also legally blind. It has been quite a challenge to figure out a way to help him gain his own testimony of the Book of Mormon when he can't really read it very well. When we read verses of scripture to him from the Book of Mormon, however, he listens intently and says "Ohhh yes, that is true. That book of Joseph Smith speaks truth!" (Don't worry, we clarified that :)).

WE FINALLY GOT FURNITURE!! Oh my heavens, it was better than Christmas (except for the fact that Christmas is about Christ and stuff...)!! Our new bishop and a few saintly others provided us with a couch, chair, toaster, and a few other essentials from the house of recently deceased members of our ward. Don't worry, I haven't even gotten to the best part yet... While we were in the house picking furniture to be moved to our dainty apartment, I spied with my little eye a beautiful typewriter. I mentioned to the bishop that I wanted the typewriter, but because I couldn't find any true missionary purpose for it, I wasn't going to selfishly take it (taking care to sigh heavily, of course. For little did Bishop Pallin know, I have been searching for a typewriter all my life). That man apaprently receives revelation, because he smiled really big, shrugged his shoulders and said "I'm sure you'll put it to good use, go grab it Sister!" I am embarassed to say I probably squealed as I bounded downstairs and grabbed that beautiful piece of outdated technology. I wrote a poem on it this week. I gave it to our Zone Leaders when they were having a down day... They're so lucky I got a typewriter :)

So we found out that Arksey and I will for sure be separated this next transfer (calls on May 19th), because Sister Arksey has been called to serve as Sister Training Leader. They are just BARELY implementing these leadership positions for sister missionaries in the mission field, and Arksey will be one of the first six sisters in our mission to serve in that capacity. Yeah, she's freaking out, but I'm so excited for her. So we don't know where the STLs will be serving, so we don't know if I'm going to stay in Etobicoke or if Arksey will. I really hope it's me, because I love this area so very much.


Yesterday a general authority, Paul V. Johnson, came and did a mission tour! We got to flock by the thousands (okay, really there were 150 of us there) and hear him speak. It was a very long day, but I loved it. It was very inspiring. I LOVE the times when a bunch of missionaries get to come together. It really is a morale booster. The biggest highlight of that was that the MTC Tebbs, Balderson, Dagsen and Hutchings crew was FINALLY reunited!! It was incredible. We were laughing so hard and crying, emotions spilling out all over the place. It was cool, because there were so many sisters in the room. Probably about 1/3 sisters. The field is starting to look like the MTC numbers (of sisters:elders ratio).

Sister Hutchings

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