Monday, April 22, 2013

The Cha Cha master!

This week has been an incredibly crazy week, but looking back I can hardly remember any of it!

One of my favorite less-active members we have been working with is Sister Cruzola. Sister Cruzola is from the Philippines and stopped coming to church when she was in her early 20s (I believe) when she moved to Canada.  She used not to be very receptive to the missionaries, but because we're sisters (that trick works more that you might think it would)... she let us in.  Fun fact: Sister Cruzola was my very first "lesson" or visit on my mission when I got into the mission field, because she lives very near the Murphys (where I lived at the time).  So we go visit Sister Cruzola as frequently as we can, and we are working on getting her to come back to church.  She is a small, sassy, hilarious woman, who is quite charming.  This week our friendship reached a new level when she taught me how to Cha Cha!  It was so much fun - it reminded me of all the times I would dance with Grandma Linda.  I was grateful for those dance lessons so I didn't look like a completely incompetent fool dancing with the masterful Violetta Cruzola, with her Filipino flair and all.  I just love to surprise the people we teach with the fact that we, as missionaries, actually ARE people with personalities... they seem to think we are robots of some sort. You can check for me, but I don't think there are robots who can Cha Cha :)

Guess what?? CONROD GOT BAPTIZED THIS WEEK! He rolled into church like the classy man he is, sporting his shades and cowboy hat.  

This is Nolan and Ryan.  We're teaching them about the gospel.
This is also me with them and we're drawing
the 10 commandments.  Sometimes we have to get
a little bit creative. 
Also, I found out that some of the bus drivers this week have been spying on us.  On Friday after there was a wind storm, Arksey and I were walking along the street and there happened to be a bunch of large tree branches in our way.  So I don't know what happened to me (I will partly blame delirium from working so hard... and I don't really know what else so blame...), but I grabbed some of the branches and, using them as extensions of my arms, I started attacking Arksey with them.  (Yeah, she's so thrilled to be my companion.  Always.)  After that, we went on our way to our teaching appointment with an AWESOME part-member family.  On our way home, I found another great use for some tree branches as one happened to be a fantastic walking stick.  So I started limping and using the stick as a cane.  I continued limping with the stick-cane, and when we got to the bus, the bus driver (who is a good friend of ours) refused to let me get on the bus with my stick-cane! I launched into a dramatic story about how feeble I was when he laughed and said "I saw you attacking her with the branches twice earlier this afternoon, so I will not let you bring that branch on my bus!" Needless to say, I was speechless.  He had stumped me, and I could not find anything sassy to reply in my defense.  Sheepishly, I laid my stick aside, and obediently I hopped on the bus.  Arksey was laughing so hard, I thought she may have shed some tears (which is not too common).  

We got into some trouble this week, because we got out of a teaching appointment a little bit late and had to try to rush home before our curfew kicked-in. The bus that we were hoping to catch never came, and instead of waiting for the next one (because we were out of time) we ended up having to walk most of the way home.  It took us FOREVER to get home (and yes, we were a little late).  The text from our Zone Leaders went like this "Glad you're safe. Set goals and make plans to never let that happen again"... Whoops :)  I swear it truly was an accident, but I'm secretly (or maybe openly is a more appropriate word to use there) hoping that we'll get a car soon (which will only help us get home on time!), so maybe this incident will help.  It was quite creepy though to walk home past curfew for so long!  So I'd rather it not happen again as well.

This is me climbing along the lakeshore.
Arksey is afraid I'll fall in.
Apparently she isn't aware of
how graceful I am. 
Next week I believe that my P-day will be on Tuesday instead of Monday.  We have a general authority coming and running Zone Conference on Monday, so Tuesday shall be the day on which I prepare.  I am pumped for it because along with the words of wisdom I shall receive, I should also be seeing Tebbs, Balderson and Dagsen.  That will truly be a delightful reunion!
This past week we were also privileged to be able to go into the heart of downtown Toronto for a morning. It was awesome - I love big cities so much.  I saw the ROM art museum (just from the outside), the University of Toronto (which is awesome), and a few other things.  I really can't wait to be able to tour all those places, I hope that we'll be able to find time!

I am staying safe and working hard. The weather is getting a lot warmer for the most part, and it makes me giddy.  I can't wait for summer to come. 

Sister Hutchings


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