Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day and Me

Me and a Marsh.  Fancy.
Oh my heavens, yesterday was probably the most glorious day of my mission to date.  Despite the fact that I am sick, that we got caught in a hail storm for a good hour and a half, I got to converse with my wonderful family (because it was Mother's Day), and Orlando got baptized!

So I generally dislike Sundays on my mission (I don't know if I've said that before or not), because it is NOT a day of rest for missionaries.  Just another day of work, and I don't really like that. But there's not much I can do about it....  But I was very excited when I awoke yesterday!  Mother's Day is a fantastic holiday:)  I got a rose at church, because of my status as a "future mother," and I carried that thing around non-stop the rest of the day because it was the lovliest thing I've had in my possession for a long time.  Right after church we had planned to have Orlando's baptismal service.

There is a phrase that Canadians use (which I think is rather silly) that is beginning to stick with me: "gong show." When things are going crazy and it seems like a hectic circus and such, Canadians say "It was such a gong show today!" or "It looked like a gong show in there." So let me tell you, the process of Orlando's baptism was a gong show. He was getting baptized with a boy named Deepak (one of the elders' investigators), and the whole thing was madness. The mission president came; we started late; our newly-released bishop who was baptizing Deepak didn't show for a very long time; Orlando forgot a towel and other necessities; we were running around like chickens with our heads cut off.  Plus, the elders organized the program and apparently they thought it would be a funny joke to assign me to conduct the music. I dread conducting music. And they know that.  
Arksey and me with Orlando at his baptism!

Amidst all this chaos and stress, I seemed to forget that one can actually feel the spirit at a baptisim (I know, I'm awful, right?).  But when Orlando stepped into the font with Brother Jinkerson and was lifted out of the water, it felt like a wall had hit me - a thick wall that made me choke-up inside; all the chaos was forgotten.  Following this wall came a flood of thoughts, mostly of gratitude and amazement, that I had been able to help Orlando reach this point in his life.  Orlando had been converted to the gospel of Christ long before I had ever met him.  I am the luckiest missionary to have been trusted by the Lord to be His instrument to help guide Orlando to the restored gospel on the earth today - which contains many truths Orlando had been searching for over the years.

Jane and her sweet son Joshua are preparing to be baptized this week, and I learned so many things from Orlando's baptisim that I plan to improve upon in my planning and preparation; but I am learning very quickly that none of this work has much of anything to do with me. It is all whatever the Lord has planned. All that I can do is prepare. To make sure that I am worthy to accept whatever assignment the Lord needs me to do, whenever that time comes. It makes me sad to think that at some points in my life, perhaps the Lord might have needed me to help someone out, or have a part in His great work, but because of my personal unworthiness or lack of preparation, He had to delay or even rely on someone else. I hope desperately to never have that happen again! I want to be ready to do what He needs me to do.

At a member's house demonstrating
the proper way to trampoline
Next week are transfers, and also P-Day is on Wednesday. That will probably kill me because I really like P-Days. But I guess I'll survive.... I know that Sister Arksey and I will for sure be split up, and that one of us will stay here in Etobicoke and one of us will leave - AH!  This could be troublesome, because I have basically the whole ward directory memorized here, as well as the bus maps and all the other technical detail information - so I keep taunting Arksey that she's probably going to get stuck here alone and will come to appreciate finally what a great resource that I truly am :) Yeah, that was funny to me until Arksey started making me write out all my genius before transfers so I don't leave with my knowledge. I should have thought that one out a little better.

Last week we had a stroke of genius in regard to our lame summer-shopping spree: Goodwill. You might think that's a joke, but it's not. That place is hip-hoppin' with missionary attire. What a blessed store.

Sister Hutchings

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