Monday, June 10, 2013

So. Dang. Busy.

I love P-days so much. I swear I don't think my body can physically make it another day when I fall into bed Sunday night, and magically it is restored for this blessed day.

It is so busy here, I swear that I can't keep up. But I am trying desperately. This week there were so many times Sister Mitchell and I were frantically running from appointment to appointment, and couldn't help but laugh in between as a result of all the crazy things that happen to us!

Jen has been doing so well since her baptism. I don't know if I told you this or not, but she lives with a LOT of animals. A lot of cats, a dog, a hamster, etc. But this week one of her cats had kittens! And I got to hold them! It was quite fun actually. I haven't actually told her that I don't like animals yet, and I don't intend to do so.... A lot of people in Toronto have animals and it's a big personal trial in my life. I'm working on it. 

Sister Mitchell and I helped Jen and her roommate Lisa (whom we are also teaching) move furniture around their apartment. Apparently word got around that we're good movers, because the next day we helped some members in our building move a piano. They actually asked us to call the elders and ask them to do it (which we did), but they had just settled down to eat at a fancy restaurant so it looked like help from the sisters was all they were going to get. Neither of us had ever moved a piano before, but we did the best we could and hauled that pretty little thing up a few apartment floors and into their apartment.

So I wasn't called to speak a foreign language when I was called to serve in Toronto, but I am learning fast that I was called to interpret many languages. We need the gift of the interpretation of tongues desperately. One of our investigators whom we taught this week, Csogup (Shoo-joop), is from India and speaks Tibetan as his primary language. He apparently thinks that he speaks English better than he does and talks VERY fast and blurs all his words together and it takes an INCREDIBLE amount of focus in those lessons to piece together what he is saying, and even more to explain to him the message of the gospel. Quite a difficult task. My head hurts just thinking about it, actually.

Do you know what I love? I love music. It is one of the things that I miss most while serving a mission, no longer able to listen to whatever I want to, whenever I want to (once in awhile when we walk into a store and I hear T-Swift playing you have no idea how excited I get), but I have come to understand that that love for music is a good way for me to relate to people. We have someone we're working with who is 16 years old. One of the young women in our ward introduced us to Karen when she was doing a project on Mormonism for her school, and she wanted to interview the missionaries. Since then we have been meeting with Karen and they young woman (Carol) regularly and teaching her about the church. This week when we got to their house Karen played guitar for us, and we had a fun little music time. It was awesome. She played us some Mumford & Sons that she had been practicing and it was heavenly. One of our other investigators, Immanuel (who bore his testimony last week) asked to be baptized this Sunday and was upset that I told him that there were a few procedures that needed to be followed and that it would need to happen the week after. He was pretty offended and argued with us for a long time. I carry a hymn book with me wherever we go, and in that moment I decided to offer to sing a hymn for him (because I knew that he, too, enjoyed music). It was just what we needed to bring the spirit of the Lord back and to calm him down. What a blessing it is to have music part of our lives in all capacities.

So our ward mission leader is Filipino, and so are a ton of the people we are teaching. We are having a hard time helping Jane and Joshua with some of the concerns that they are having, so we thought that it would be fun if we had a fellowshipping-Filipino party at Brother Cruz's house! This Friday that masterful plan came to pass, and it was awesome. Sister Mitchell accidentally ate a squid head and freaked out about it, but other than that it was a joyous occasion :) Filipinos apparently LOVE karaoke, and they told me that I was a "true Filipino" because I was more than happy to join right in. It was a flashback to Em's wedding because a young woman in the ward, Nicole (we're teaching her mother Michelle), and I tag-teamed singing "Crazy in Love" by Beyonce. It was fantastic. Such fun.

This work is crazy and moving forward at a very fast pace, but it is wonderful :)


Sister Hutchings

P.S. I sent you photos of the kittens, the karaoke party, and a new mural that they're painting on my street!! I wanted to ask the painter if he could paint my face in it, but I haven't been able to catch the sneaky guy at work yet! I'll let you know how that goes....

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