Monday, July 8, 2013

Absolute Craziness.

So this week was a pretty short one, but extremely hectic. Our last P-day was Wednesday, and the days before it had been a struggle to get much work done. We found that we taught little and attempted to find new investigators a lot. Not because we don't have anyone to teach, because we are teaching a  lot of people, but mostly we had difficulty getting in contact with them. People here just leave for the summer. They just peace out and it's difficult to arrange meetings when people do come back. It's madness.  

I have been waking up with mysterious bites and rashes
all over my legs now for about a month. It's disgusting.
I searched my bed for bedbugs
and strip my sheets every week, but to no avail.
Speaking of madness, one of our investigators, Michelle, was hit by a tow truck on Thursday on her way to work.  Michelle's husband and daughter are members of the church and they called us to be the emergency response team to take them to the hospital. We dropped everything and rushed to their house to drive them to the hospital. We spent most of that day in the hospital helping out Michelle and her family. The elders in our ward also came and gave her a blessing, and their home teacher brought them food and whatnot. It was awesome to see the ward pull together to help out Michelle and her family in this time of need. After the x-ray everything came out okay and she was released from the hospital later that night. What a trooper, she even made it to church on Sunday. I can't believe that dedication. She's supposed to be baptized the 21st of July, so hopefully we'll be able to teach her all the lessons in time!

On Friday I went on another exchange with Sister Tofa, my Sister Training Leader. Her new compaion is Sister Arksey, so she came into Etobicoke South to work with Sister Mitchell and I went to Brampton (they live directly across the street from the temple). This was my first experience doing missionary work ANYWHERE other than in Etobicoke, so I was pretty excited for the break and for the new adventure. We taught one new investigator lesson to someone there who had seen the Book of Mormon musical a couple of weeks ago, and wanted to learn more. We've had a couple of referrals from that musical actually. It just finished playing here, and over the course of its six weeks here the elders in that area handed out more than 2,300 copies of the Book of Mormon to people waiting in line for the play and whatnot.  How cool is that? Well it was a crazy lesson when we taught her mostly because the member who came teaching with us was a newly-baptized member and said a lot of crazy things... It was pretty sketchy. She did agree to meet with us again, so I hope that things were better the second time.

Jessica (in the middle)
Here's some crazy bit of information: Lachelle Rogers (from my stake in Sammamish) and Jessica Nuttall (from my old ward in Auburn) are now in the mission! They just came out a week ago. Jessica is in my district and is opening a new area just north of us with a missionary training her who came out with me. Lachelle is serving in another town south west of me called Hamilton. She is serving with one of my favorite missionaries out here, Sister Hall. I went on an exchange with her awhile back, she came out a transfer after I did. It is so weird to see people from real life come into my mission life... It really does feel like separate existences here.  

Remember how I told you that we're running the Stop Smoking Workshop now with the elders? Well we had one guy come this week - and he actually quit smoking six months ago. I swear that program is not supposed to ever help people to stop smoking.  The guy lived in the elders' area, so they taught him a lesson on the spot, and it was kind of cool. Sister Mitchell and I were laughing that the only student we had at our Stop Smoking Workshop was actually a non-smoker.  Imagine that.

We taught a lesson yesterday in the park, and it started to POUR rain. We had a long trek back to our car and were absolutely drenched. When we went home to change, we noticed that there was a river flowing in our parking garage. I found that to be a little unusual and decided to investigate and find the source of this large river flooding the garage. We found a geyser. I swear I don't believe where I live sometimes. There was a geyser coming up from a drain in the middle of the parking garage causing it to flood!

We have now been able to hit standards for a straight 12 weeks in this area. That's three months (for those calendar-challenged of you). Which has been awesome. It was HARD work to pull that off this week, but with the Lord's help we made it through.

Sister Tebbs and Elder Anderson,
two of my closest friends from my MTC district,
 are serving in Brampton, so I got to see them on Friday!
I love sweet runions like that.
I love you all so very much, let me know if you ever have any questions about things you want more info on. It's getting really hot. Very humid. So much fun.  

I miss you and I'm staying safe, I know you worry about that, so try to worry a little less. All is well :)

Sister Hutchings


Sister Mitchell chopped off her hair this week!
She cut off 11 inches and donated it to Locks of Love, crazy, huh?
I like it a lot better. I think she looks adorable :)

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