Monday, August 12, 2013

Bowmanville, here I come!

So I'm sure you're dying to know transfer news... here it is:

I am being transferred out to a place called Bowmanville! It is east of the city of Toronto, near Oshawa. My new companion's name is Sister Noker, who apparently came out with me, but I have no idea who she is (a LOT of sisters came out with me...). There were a LOT of crazy changes this transfer and it's quite dramatic throughout the mission. They're bringing two new sisters into our area and making it a Sister Training Leader area. Ask me how I feel about that.... Not happy quite frankly. Not just because I'm leaving (I expected that...), but because all the wonderful people we're working with will have to start all over with brand new people, and they've been progressing so far already. It's kind of breaking my heart. I know as soon as I get to Bowmanville and can focus on the people who need me there I'll feel better, but right now I'm quite sad for all the people I've grown to love wholeheartedly here in Etobicoke South, and that they will now start again with brand new missionaries. It's a really odd thing.
Here's my new address in Bowmanville, you can begin immediately sending letters and packages to this address (and no longer to Mabelle):

20 Herriman St - Bsmt
Bowmanville, ON
L1C 4L6

[Editor's Note:  here's a link with some Bowmanville history for all you enthusiasts:  And here's a link to an article about the LDS Church and ward in Bowmanville:]
All that sad, sappy stuff aside, we had a really great week this last one. We are planning for Michelle's baptism for this coming Sunday, and her husband is bringing a whole roasted pig! Wouldn't that be crazy?! Wish I could be there for that :) I'm so happy for her. Jane and Joshua are getting baptized for the youth activity (I know, it's kind of funny :)) two days later, next Tuesday. Etobicoke South is just booming right now!

Every once in awhile, missionaries get really good ideas that turn out to be dreadful ideas. [Editor's Note: Mallory and her companions seem to have their fair share of these good ideas gone wrong.]  Sister Mitchell and I lay victim to something like that this past week.... It all has to do with cats. How do I feel about cats? Let me tell you: I severely dislike cats. Jen, our recent convert, is running into some problems with her NINE CATS and child services. Basically, in order to increase the chances of keeping her child, she needs to get rid of some of her cats. She has been struggling to find homes for them, and decided to take them to a shelter.... But she has no way to get them there. On Friday this week, Sister Mitchell and I were eating lunch and I just said "I'm texting Jen that we're getting her cats in 10 minutes, and to choose who stays and who goes." Now I have extremely limited experience with animals, but it seemed ridiculous to me that those animals would stand in Jen's way, and I wouldn't let it be like that. Sister Mitchell and I taped up a cardboard box, threw some towels in it, and planned to sweetly pick up these cats, throw them in the box, and carry them away! We thought deeply about the white handbook (our missionary rulebook, basically), and it specifically mentions that (1) we can't have pets, and (2) we cannot babysit, but it doesn't say anything about "babysitting pets," and absolutely nothing about saving a poor woman from her own cats. So we were in the green. We marched on over there to liberate Jen from her cats and this is about where our genius plan flopped over on itself and failed miserably. Those dang cats didn't want to hop in the box and come along for the ride - can you believe that?? I certainly couldn't. They were mean cats, too. We spent some time chasing them and trying to get them to stay still; they kept clawing and scratching to get away. I always just let mine get away, but Sister Mitchell was more determined. I don't know who had the better idea there, because we both came out without any cats and an empty box, but Sister Mitchell was bleeding with a LOT of cat scratches. Bad idea, right? We got beat by a bunch of house cats. It was pretty funny when Sister Mitchell was all bandaged up the past few days and had to explain to everyone that she got attacked by house cats. Maybe that's why they're splitting us up.... ;)  

Remember how I talked about our LONG weekly planning session that we hold as a companionship each week? Well, in that we also set personal goals. I thought you'd get a kick out of my goal for the past two weeks: "Shower like a Speed Racer."  No joke.  I have an inability to shower in a shorter amount of time than 25 minutes.  [Editor's Note: we can confirm that Mallory is unable to shower in less than 25 minutes - and even that's quite a stretch for her.] It's a problem. It's kind of a funny problem, but embarrassing in the same. So my mission goal is to take a faster shower. It reminded me of when I was in high school and Dad used to bang on the door like Godzilla whenever my showers went too long.... Guess I never learned my lesson.... Oh well.... [Editor's Note: the knocking (certainly not "banging") was very respectful at the beginning, and the real action usually didn't start until she was in there for more than 45 minutes or so.]

We had a fantastic Service Crew project this week, we helped a young couple renovate a house they just purchased! It was so cool, we had more than 30 people there to help out. I love stuff like this :) Guess what? I used power tools to take down iron railings, I put up dry wall, etc. I'm going to come home with so many skills, you're not even going to know who I am.  

Except Spanish. My Spanish is coming along horribly, thanks for asking....

There's a lot on my mind with transfers and all. Tomorrow morning by 7 am we will drive to Brampton (the stake center at the temple) and exchange cars. Then I'll get in a big van with a bunch of missionaries (I mean, who doesn't love invasion of personal space for extended periods of time with a bunch of people you don't know?), and head on down to another stake center to meet my companion and get my new vehicle and drive to my new area. Yes, I'm designated driver again. I'm just that good ;) I'll make sure to write you all about my new companion and what Bowmanville is like next week.

I love you very much. I'm so glad that Lizzie decided to get baptized, and the Andy-man decided to baptize her! I wish I could have been there, but I'm sure everything was wonderful. I'm so proud of all of you :)

I miss you incredibly,


Sister Hutchings

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