Monday, August 19, 2013

Bowmanville Numero Uno

This week was easily one of the strangest and most difficult weeks of my entire mission. 

Mallory and Natalie (Ilene's niece) - she's the cutest thing.
It was extremely difficult to leave Etobicoke. I was so attached to so many people and investigators, I suppose that's why it is good to have transfers as often as they do! So let me tell you what happens when transfers occur (unbeknownst to me until this last week):

The mission arranges big carpools in very large vans to drop off missionaries at their corresponding meeting places. So early Tuesday morning Sister Mitchell and I got off late (big surprise:)) and met up first at Brampton, which is where the Toronto temple is. I then loaded into a huge van traveling east with a whole bunch of Elders. Yes, I was the only sister there for the whole day. It was quite fun to have a day chatting with other missionaries and getting excited about my new area. It was sad to see the beautiful city skyline diminish behind me as we drove farther and farther out into the countryside. We made a couple pit stops where we dropped off missionaries and picked up others. I was on the van until the very end. At the last stop (outside a grocery store), Sister Hutchings was kicked out of the transfer van and led to her new vehicle and new companion (I'm still driving a Chevy Cruze, which is glorious news). After meeting Sister Noker, we traveled to our house (I live in the basement apartment of a member of our ward. The apartment is pretty small and cozy, but it's nice). After that we headed to a Senior Center and helped them prepare and serve food to all the guests and residents who were there. Apparently we do a lot of service hours each week in this area, so that's pretty cool.
Ilene, one of our investigators, braided my hair.

It is quite a bit different being in Bowmanville than being in Etobicoke. I'll certainly have to adjust my methods of missionary work, but I feel that I have a lot to contribute that will be helpful. So hopefully I'll be able to help get a few struggling areas rolling pretty soon here.

There's an older couple in the ward who are serving a mission at church campgrounds around here, the Fentons, who invited us over the first night to meet me. It was really funny because Brother Fenton learned that I love jazz music, so he got out his bass guitar that he's teaching himself how to play, and we began to jam out. It was awesome. I miss singing a lot, especially jazz :)

It is so strange to be in an area where we have the entire ward at our disposal! I'm used to only working with half the ward, and half the boundaries. Speaking of boundaries, our boundaries are HUGE! We basically have ten little towns scattered throughout all this vast farmland. We have to be very frugal with our kilometer limit if we want to go out and teach/visit people there.

Me and Ryan
Another thing that is different out here is how much we get fed. We have at least three or four dinner appointments per week. I am not used to this at ALL. I'm coming from a place where we maybe got fed once every other week. Sister Noker is allergic to wheat, so we get fed a lot of meat and vegetables. One of our dinner appointments this week was with the Labelle family. Want to know what was so cool about this?? Sister Labelle's son was good friends with Ryan Gosling growing up. On Youtube there are videos of Ryan Gosling performing at "Mormon talent shows" and whatnot, and he went with the Labelle family to those. She has a signed picture of him that says "To Colette, my second mom." I was in heaven.  

It is beautiful out here, and I hope that I'll be able to contribute to the work in Bowmanville. I have come to love each and every person I've met so far. Everyone is extremely friendly and helpful :)

Please be safe, and let me know how things are going! I miss you and love you, very much.

Sister Hutchings



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