Monday, August 26, 2013

Holla from Bowmanville

Guess what? This past week was better than the last, HALLELUJAH.

Picking apples in a new member's orchard
My time in Bowmanville started out a little rough, and I was having a pretty hard time. I was really praying for some help, and we got a random call from our Sister Training Leaders asking us if they could move our scheduled exchange up to that day (instead of two weeks later). It was a little difficult arranging a schedule for an exchange that quick, but we did it. Of course we wouldn't say no. So I spent all of last Monday night and Tuesday with Sister Williams. I'm going to admit, the first couple hours we were together I was nervous for how it would work out, because it started off bumpy. I almost regretted the exchange, because I'm fairly certain I prayed it to happen and Heavenly Father arranged it. But the next day Sister Williams and I were able to talk through a lot of the things I was struggling with, and we were able to do some good, hard missionary work. That's the best kind.

Ah, before I forget to tell you: JANE AND JOSHUA GOT BAPTIZED YESTERDAY!!!! I almost cried when I found out. Right on schedule ;) They are the most wonderful family. I miss them.

Our new digs (our apartment is in the basement)
It is SO strange adjusting to the work out here. Mostly because it's an entirely different pace, and we have to take different approaches. But this week, Ilene (we've been teaching her family, but it's going a little slow for the others in the family), told us that she wanted to get baptized sooner rather than later, and began talking to her mom about it! They're out of town until next week (she's been texting us), but as soon as she gets back, we'll begin planning her baptism for September! I am so excited, I love her. She's 13 years old, the one braiding my hair in the last post. 

This is the door to our cellar-apartment (with Sister Noker)
When we're driving to some of our areas, we just lose cell service. I am seriously serving in places that feel in the middle of nowhere. It's kind of cool though, to just go on long drives and be in such a beautiful place. One of the recent converts we're working with, Rod, has a huge corn field and apple orchards. He sent us into the orchard to pick some apples for ourselves. We had a lot of fun.

This is our room.  Guess which one is my bed...
There's the lady in the ward, Colleen, who we called up on Friday night and basically begged her to let us come serve her on Saturday. She said she'd for sure need our help with cleaning her house and what not. She has cats. And dogs. What was I getting myself into? But when we got there and she just said "I really need help cleaning and organizing this mess of a kitchen!"  I was elated. It's kind of disgusting how much of a hobby cleaning and organizing is for me.  [Editor's note: the development of "cleaning and organizing" as a hobby must certainly be one of the blessings of serving a mission, because this is certainly not a hobby she had before.]  I've already done work to my apartment since I got here. And now Colleen's kitchen was before my eager little hands. Speaking of hands, as I was working like mad, I apparently did a cursed thing: I cracked my knuckles (a bad habit I've really gotten into the past few months). Colleen just about kicked me out of her house! I got a very stern talking to (along with threats to my health) for cracking my knuckles. She made me swear that I would quit it cold turkey, and if Sister Noker caught me cracking my knuckles I would do 10 jumping jacks right then and there. No matter where I was. I've almost never been as scared in my life than I was during those dreadful 20 minutes of chastening. I did 30 jumping jacks before we left.... Not fun. I haven't had to do too many since, but I DEFINITELY look ridiculous in my skirt doing jumping jacks alongside the road.... Everywhere we go.  [Editor's note: I'm not sure the skirt has anything to do with looking ridiculous doing jumping jacks on the side of the road.  But maybe that's just me.]

So I took a lot more photos this week, especially of our apartment/house!  One documents me trying to catch a tea bag on fire this morning in my hand.... Yeah, I wouldn't ask about that if I were you.... :)

Ummm, our power is out. It's been out for two days now. I don't know why this keeps happening to me! I swear I'm cursed. It's really odd though, apparently most of our breaker is broken, but some of it works. [Editor's note: Mallory has always prided herself on her self-taught electrical engineering ability.] We have one outlet in our house that works. So we have a TON of extension coming out of that one outlet. Our fridge, fan, microwave, lamp and toaster all are runnin' on that thing. Probably not a good idea because it'll probably explode. Oh well, it'd be an adventure, right? It looks like a big mess of a spider web.  

We had a nice, long rainstorm last night and I felt much more at home. I really do love the rain.

I miss you guys a whole lot! Know that I am doing the best I can out here, and I'm feeling more at peace and happy.

I love you,
Sister Hutchings


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