Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Wagvan! (apparently that's some type of greeting in the Carribean)

[Editor's Note: They had a holiday in Canada yesterday, so that's why Mallory didn't put this together until today.  Just wanted to make sure you know the Editor wasn't late with the post.]

Happy holiday yesterday! I had a pretty fun time with that because I took every opportunity I could to ask everyone what we were celebrating in Canada yesterday, and NO ONE knew. It was hilarious. That's because there was no point to that holiday. We even looked it up on our Canadian calendar and it just said "Holiday." Wonderful. So Sister Mitchell and I made sure to get a special ice cream cone and wish everyone a happy "holiday." 

There are some stark and strange differences between Canada and America, but I must admit, we catch ourselves turning into Canadians more and more each day. I didn't think it would happen, but it is. I love ginger ale. I crave that Canada Dry. I say "eh" all the time, I am now calling otter pops "freezes," and a whole myriad other Canadian oddities are popping up here and there in my regular life. 

This week was a strange one, because it seemed rather long, but we did a lot of really cool things. We had our first week of Service Crew. We're meaning for it to be a tradition, and we're planning on having a service project/event where the investigators, less-actives, and members in our ward with whom we're working can come and serve each other for a couple of hours each Saturday morning. So it takes a lot of planning and coordination, which I love, of course :) Our bishop is super excited about it, so it's good to have his support. We went to an older lady's house (Georgie Adeite) this week and helped out with some stuff she needed done to her house. We prepped her basement for painting, replaced a ceiling, removed mold, replastered holes in the walls, de-junked and mowed her lawn, etc. It was really fun! We're planning a HUGE one this week that is a house remodeling with 30+ people, so I'll keep you posted on how that one goes.... 

There was also this huge festival/parade this Saturday called Carabana (don't know if I spelled that right), and it was insane. [Editor's note: she didn't spell it correctly.  It's "Caribana."  But that's closer than she usually gets on these things.]  They know how to party in the Caribbean. I'm sure that's a surprise to no one. We just were planning on dropping by Paul and Kristen's place to pick up our two liter carton of milk we left at their house (long story...), but they were on their way to Carabana [Ed: Caribana] to eat some jerk chicken for dinner and invited us along!  So we went for our dinner time, and it was a ton of fun. There were lots of sparkily costumes and crazy reggae music [Editor's note: I don't think "sparkly" is spelled correctly either, but I'm not sure it's even a real word, so maybe she can spell it however she wants.... lots of high people and cops, too, so we didn't really look like we fit in, dressed modestly to a "T" and wearing "Sister" tags, but it was still very fun. That was some SPICY chicken though... yikes. 

So we helped out Orlando with his family history this week, and I just wanted to let you know: Guyanese family history is SO DIFFICULT. I will never whine about where my roots are from.... It is hard to find records from Guyana. But coming up sometime soon, he is preparing to be baptized in the temple for his father, and it is SO cool. I was thinking about Orlando, and I have been SO blessed to see his progress in the church after his baptism that I think few missionaries are privy to. I was present for his baptism, confirmation, his first calling, his priesthood ordination, his first talk in church, and helping him be baptized for his father in the temple of the Lord. He is such a wonderful man and to have been able to help him make covenants with his Father in Heaven and to move forward in his gospel knowledge is something I will always be grateful to have been part of. 

This week we have transfer calls. On Sunday. It is the moment of truth. Yes, I'm being dramatic, but transfer calls (especially this one) merits such drama. The chance that Sister Mitchell and I both stay is probably 5%, so there is almost certainly going to be a call coming our way. Who's it for? We can't possibly know. I've been here twice as long as Sister Mitchell and haven't served anywhere else in the mission field, but I don't want to go. There are so many things I'm working hard to implement in this area.... We have an awesome Filipino baptism coming up on August 20th where three of our investigators (Jane, Joshua and Michelle) are getting baptized. I really hope that I can stay. But we'll see. Stay tuned for next week, I know it's a cliff-hanger. 

As far as mail is concerned, probably don't send out anything else this week, and wait until Monday AFTER I do P-day emails to let you know where to send it, in case I get transferred. If you HAVE to send something between now and then, send it to the mission office, just in case. But it'd be best to leave it until next Monday. 

I love you all so very much! Please be safe. I can't believe how summer is already drawing near to an end. My, how time flies. 


Sister Hutchings 

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  1. Hard to believe it has been eight months since this entry. Michelle is now a ward chorister, Josh is a priest going strong and Jane is relief society secretary.Jen hasn't been coming out but we are still trying. Orlando is awesome. He is preparing for MP and is in gospel doctrine class now. Joe is still meeting w sis missionaries. Paul quit smoking and got baptized. What an amazing brother father and husband. Their family is truly an inspiration to me. And keep in touch. Thought you might like to kniw. Keep in touch. Enjoy Tillamook. Wish I could. Bro Cruz.