Monday, September 23, 2013

Bowmanville for Life

So I'm assuming you all want to know my transfer news... Mostly because all the emails I got today started with questions having to do with that... But I'm afraid I have to disappoint! We didn't receive a transfer call last night or this morning, which means that both Sister Noker and I are staying here in Bowmanville for at least another six weeks! I'm pretty satisfied with that because I feel like I have quite the amount of work to do here, and I feel like I just barely got started. I'd love to be here for a nice long time. Past Christmas would be nice, except for the fact that it's going to be freezing out here. But I have this creeping dread that I'm not going to be able to find a single area in Canada that will be warm for the winter. Maybe I should pray harder about that.

Guess what? I finally have some good health news! Remember those nasty photos of my knees and the rash/sores on them? Well I talked to a doctor about them and I found out that I have an infection of my hair follicles on both my knees called Folliculitis. So now I have prescribed cream I put on them three times a day, and I'm on antibiotic pills (that smell absolutely putrid) that I take three times a day with my meals for ten days. Quite the upkeep, I know. But so far it's starting to work. I forgot what normal knees look like, and I'm excited to figure out what life is like without painful knees! Ah, the joy of the Lord's work, eh? :)

This week we had a cool trio exchange opportunity where one of our Sister Training Leaders joined our companionship for 24 hours. It was weird because instead of being observed as individuals, we were able to receive counsel as a companionship (which we were in desperate need of). Sister Fiabiano came with us this time. She is going home tomorrow, so it was her last exchange on her mission. I think she's awesome, and I really learned a lot.

Not to brag or anything, but during our trip exchange, we had to return a GPS to another sister companionship. We couldn't get into their building to return it, so we had to place it on their balcony. We weren't sure which was their apartment, so in order to be certain, I had to climb a two-story building on top of the balcony to look in to window. I was super-grateful for all my push-ups at that point in my life. Except for the fact once I got up there, I realized I had no way of getting down, except jumping. I climbed atop the ledge and let myself down slowly, but I still had about six or seven feet between me and the floor... Luckily Sister Fabiano and Sister Noker made their hands into makeshift "stepping stools" for me to get down. Quite the adventure. One of those "good" missionary ideas that probably aren't so good... But at least I didn't die! We looked pretty sketchy though, I'm sure.

So I forgot to mention earlier that our area is getting split. We are getting Elders in our ward! I am really excited! We'll probably be losing more than half of our current investigators, but it'll really be better for us. It'll be nice to not be spread so thin over such a large area, and to focus on some smaller towns and spread the word. I'm excited.

We taught a really fantastic lesson yesterday to 21-year-old named Taylor who has been researching the church for a few years. It was probably the best lesson I've ever been able to assist in teaching during my whole mission. He was incredibly prepared by the Spirit. It was crazy. I am so grateful to have the companionship of the Spirit of the Lord when we are teaching and when we find. This work truly is a waste of time if you don't seek the Lord's help and act of his promptings. He makes is all worthwhile. I love being His instrument.

I love you all so much! Stay warm. You'll have an easier time than I will. Count those blessings.

And I'd love some mail. Since I got to Bowmanville, it's been a little scanty, my friends :)

I miss you,

Sister Hutchings

1. My District!
2. Sister Training Leaders and me :) Sister Williams and Sister Fabiano
3. Haircut photo, if you cared


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