Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hello Fall

I love the fall. It is by far my favourite season. I also learned that the "British" spellings of adding unnecessary "u"s in words are apparently how Canadians do things as well. Of all the traditions to carry over, I wonder why they kept that one...? I got foolishly called out on that one teaching gospel principles yesterday because I spelled "honour" and "Saviour" wrong. So for all intents and purpouses, fall is my favourite season.

Sister Noker and me walking down the street
of Old Bowmanville.  Yes, there's a mural behind us.
Canadians love murals.
Something I love about Canadians.

It's starting to get a bit chillier here, the sun is setting earlier and the leaves are starting to fall. It is beautiful in Bowmanville.

So this last "week" was a short one, and not too much happened on the Bowmanville front. We're beginning to find those stubborn investigators that I warned Sister Noker about from my previous area... It's pretty funny. But I love it, they keep me on my toes.
We met with a young man this week named Matt (23 years old), who has been in and out of church for the past few years. We drove all the way out to in Timbuktu to meet him, so we were very glad that by chance he was off work early and it all worked out. I was pretty determined to get Matt to consider going to a mission. That was my goal going in. When we sat down outside, Matt prefaced our meeting by saying "Just to let you guys know, if you guys say something that is wrong or doesn't make any sense, I have no problem calling you out on it or correcting your flawed logic"... Sister Noker just looked at me and laughed because she knew that that was exactly what I was planning on doing right on back to him. So I smiled and said "Of course, I wouldn't expect anything less!" We began with a prayer and then jumped right in. We talked to him about the Book of Mormon and his testimony of it. He has read that book more times and knows it better that I do. He doesn't have a single doubt that the gospel is true. So after I asked him all my questions about him considering a mission, he told me he knew it was the right thing and is what the Lord wanted him to do but... And just laid out excuse upon excuse. This was where I was able to explain ways around each excuse he could possibly come up with ;) It was really fun, let me tell you. But the end of it, he just looked at us and said "Ah, you're right, fine! I am just putting this off and I know I should go. My quit date for smoking is Sunday, I'll go to church for all three hours, and meet with the bishop to start my papers." It was the best. Of course he came to church on Sunday having fulfilled all his promises! I really hope that we can help him get on a mission. I truly believe that missions change lives. For EVERYONE involved. It's never a bad choice. You can never regret taking that time and serving the Lord. Only good will come from it.

So remember last week how I told you about Bill Lishman (from Fly Away Home)? Well... we have an appointment this week to teach his tenant. So we'll be going to his very property. I'll keep you posted about how it goes. The guy, Alex, forewarned us they have a blue camel out front. It'll probably be quite an interesting day for us.

This is the brand new library
where we do our P-day emails. Enjoy.
I'm getting my haircut on Wednesday. I had an appointment scheduled for today, but the bishop's wife approached me yesterday in church, asked where we get our hair done, recommended someone to us, and gave me a free haircut card. The day before I paid someone to do the very deed! Great timing, eh? So I switched the appointment around and now I'm going somewhere nice for free on Wednesday. Gotta take care of these lovely locks :) They're getting WAY too long.

I love you very much! I think of you very often, you're always in my prayers. I miss you.

Sister Noker and Cathy (recent convert) playing Jenga.
Each Jenga block has a gospel topic written on it.
Yeah, we get creative out here :)

Sister Hutchings

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