Wednesday, September 4, 2013


This last WEEK AND A HALF in Bowmanville has been a pretty crazy one, I must admit.

[Editor's note: Because Canadians also celebrate Labour Day (but with a "u" added), Mallory's P-day was moved this week.  And then they had a Zone conference on Tuesday, so she didn't get to write until today - Wednesday.  We're happy we didn't have to deliver that news to Mallory and feel a bit sorry for the person who did.] 

I guess I'll start off impressing you, for what better way to hook you into an email than to impress you?  I've began to RUN. That's right. Maybe I told you this before, but this week I've been running every other day at 6:30 in the morning. Sister Noker sits in the driveway and meditates and I run up and down the long street for about 20 minutes. It's exhilarating. I don't know what's more exhilarating: the running part, or how much one can become an entirely different person in the name of missionary work... who knows? But running is helping to keep me sane out here.

So this week we had a big meeting with all the missionaries in our zone and learned that our zone is going to pilot advertising our services on Kajiji (I'm absolutely sure I spelled that wrong, but it's the Canadian version of Craig's List). It's the first use of internet that we'll be using to further our missionary work in the field, and we're going to test it out. Apparently one companionship is going to monitor the results from the free advertisements for bibles, books of mormon, ESL, Stop Smoking Workshops, bible study groups, etc. Then they'll text it out to the rest of us and we'll check out the Kajiji referrals we receive. Odd, huh? I think it'll be pretty cool. I hope it works out for us.
Rod's house (where we had the pig roast) has
a huge corn field in back.  We had a little
bit of fun back there...

Do you remember the Disney movie Fly Away Home? About the geese, or whatever? Well... that movie was based off the life of a Canadian man named Bill Lishman, who's apparently a millionaire and well known. On Sunday after church, Sister Noker and I went to a REAL, LIVE PIG ROAST (or in this case, a real, DEAD pig roast) in a small town way up north at the houses of one of our recent converts. There were quite a few people there, and we were answering a ton of questions about what missionaries do and whatnot when we heard a loud sound from above our heads. We looked up and there was Bill Lishman flying a homemade contraption above our party!  Apparently he knew some people there, so he landed and joined right on in! I got to meet the guy and learned quite a few things about him (for example, he lives in a fancy schmancy house underground).

There are the most beautiful old houses in Bowmanville.
This is one of my favorites.  I think it was
built in the 1890s or something crazy like that.
A ton of other strange things happened this week: We accidentally dropped by the wrong house and ended up teaching this guy named Mike who had met missionaries before. Mike is from Italy and has a whole lot of life experience. He is a very wealthy, self-made businessman. Part way through our lesson on his front porch, Mike was insistent that I was an "old soul." I thought he was meaning that I had some experience and that I valued old things.... Until he continued by saying that he could tell that I was in my seventh or eighth life.... So apparently I've been reincarnated and this is my eighth time around. That was a strange discussion. He also said "no" when we asked if we could leave him with a word of prayer. Imagine how awkward my response was to that one....

This is the Donut Drive-Thru.
My sanctuary.
We also had a referral to contact. The only means of contacting her was to find her at work. Where did she work? In a drive-thru donut shop. SCORE. We didn't know when she worked, so it was literally hit or miss. Three times this week we just HAD to swing by the donut drive-thru to see if Fathima was working, and HAD to purchase a donut in the name of contacting a new investigator. Yesterday, on our third try, she was working! It was awesome, we got her phone number and address, and hopefully we'll meet her soon. I love donuts.

Apparently food has been a common theme of this week, yesterday we taught a lesson to a man named Mario in his Mexicano Mobile Kitchen. While he was still serving customers off and on. It was a very strange experience. At least we had buckets to sit on, and the sweet smell of burrito to fill our noses. If that doesn't bring the spirit, I don't know what else does!

I caught a frog on the side of the road. 
I know it's small, but I was excited. 
We had a lot of fun this week, which I desperately needed. I truly am beginning to love serving in Bowmanville. The ward is fantastic, and the people are so kind and laid back. We reached the mission standards of excellence in our area this week. Which apparently hasn't been done in a LONG time here. That made us pretty excited. Hopefully we'll be able to make a habit out of it!

The Lord truly has been blessing us a lot this week. I am so grateful, because I needed to feel His hope, support, and guidance in my missionary work again. I truly love serving Him.

HAPPY FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL! I love you so much, and I miss you.

Please be safe!

Sister Hutchings

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