Monday, September 16, 2013

What a week!

It was a really good and crazy week in Bowmanville for us. Which is very welcome :)

We were blessed with many miracles from the Lord this last week and were able to reach standards again. I'm really striving to get into a habit of that, so hopefully that'll come. We worked so hard for it this week. We drove around to our investigator's houses on Sunday morning to make sure they were up and ready to get to church and everything!
[Editor's note: "reaching standards" means that they are doing many things they should be doing as missionaries this week, including: (1) working with at least two investigators who have committed to a baptism date; (2) had at least two investigators attend Sunday services with them; (3) teaching at least four lessons with church members present; (4) working with at least two continuing investigators who are progressing; and (5) working with at least two new investigators.]

We worked out a LOT this week. Which I thought was awesome. Sister Noker... not so much :) But she was a good sport and participated anyway. Monday night we went to a lady named Paulene's house for a free Tai Chi class. It was really nice, actually. After the class, we ended up talking about what we do as missionaries to the whole class and had return appointments to teach a couple ladies in the class and their families! Talk about clever finding, eh? We had dinner with Paulene and her family on Saturday and the lesson went REALLY well. She was really searching for a church that would help her family together grow closer to Christ and whatnot. Her oldest daughter is going to the Young Women's activity and we're meeting them again this week. Hopefully all goes well!

Our Relief Society started a work out group every MWF early in the morning at the church where they do various strength training and aerobic exercises. One of our investigators, Alethia, has been going to every single one. We had dinner with her on Thursday and she begged us to go to the work out sessions with her. We rearranged a little of our schedule to make it work, and went to it. It was so much fun! Alethia kept telling us how glad she was that we were there. We're going to try to attend every Friday for Alethia and to support the ward. It's wonderful when the Relief Society has so many activities we can invite those we're working with to attend, so they get to know the ward members better.

So... I think I broke my hand. Or severely damaged it. But I don't know how it happened... Odd, right? ALL I know is I woke up one morning with a swollen hand, and I can't really use it at all. It's been like that for DAYS now, and it's useless... As a missionary there's not much I can do about it. It's incredible how tough you get when you have to be. Lucky I'm so dang resourceful and know how to use medical tape :) That seems to help a little. 
[Editor's note: throughout Mallory's sometimes colorful history, it is not as uncommon as one might think for her to wake up one morning and have a mysterious ailment - yes, even including broken bones.  And she's always been very creative with tape.] 

Something else really cool that happened this week: We taught a guy named Alex, who lives on Bill Lishman's property. He's actually the property manager, or something like that. It was a really great lesson, but it was really cool because it started off with a whole tour of the property! We rode around on a golf cart and looked at all of Bill's sculptures, airplanes, sculpting studio, and even got to go inside and tour his house! Bill was home, so we were able to chat with him for a little bit as well. He remembered me from the Pig Roast, so that was pretty cool. His house is underground (I don't know if you remember that), and apparently it cost upwards of several million to build. It was a beautiful place.

This is one of Bill's sculptures. There were SEVERAL throughout the entire property. When Alex gave us directions, he told us we couldn't miss it because there was a huge blue camel out front :)

These are a couple pictures from the inside of Bill's house. It is really, really cool.

On top of that, this weekend there is a national LDS Women's Conference being held at our stake center. Apparently our companionship and another companionship of sisters were asked to attend to represent the church and to be available for questions. I'm really excited for that!

Transfer calls are coming this SUNDAY. I would really love to stay here in Bowmanville. I feel like I'm barely rollin' up my sleeves and being able to make an impact here. Hopefully the Lord agrees and has more work for me to do. I certainly feel that way.

For the record: As soon as I found out that there were new scripture mastery scriptures, I got my hands on the new list and switched them in my scriptures. I'm a little sad to see some of them go (especially since some of them I use very often in my teaching!), but it's a refreshing change. I have since recommitted myself to memorize all 100 scripture mastery scriptures. We're starting with the Book of Mormon ones, and memorizing them while we drive in the car. It's going really well so far! Hopefully we can keep it up.

It's getting really cold here, in case you were wondering. But I'm stalling putting my tights back on as LONG as I possibly can. I know once I do that, there's no going back. What a tragedy.

I miss you, I'm working hard, and staying safe. Ha ha compared to Etobicoke, there's not a concern in the world I have in regards to my safety ;) Bowmanville is nothin :)

Sister Hutchings  

Photo Creds: The first two are Sister Noker and myself doing Tai Chi poses (sort of) after our class... The third one is music time at the Fentons! We went to a couple in the ward's house for dinner (I think I talked about them before), and because I love to sing jazz, he loves to break out instruments and have a jam session before we leave. Classic.


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