Monday, September 30, 2013

What's up Eastside, What's up?

Oh goodness, what a week!

I think I told you last week, but our area split into two, as we welcomed Elders McKay and Crane into the new Bowmanville West, and we became Bowmanville East. It has been REALLY wonderful having help out here in Bowmanville, especially since our area is so dang huge, we've been having difficulty reaching all of it. But I guess it didn't register to me that we'd be giving them a whole lot of our teaching pool when the elders were to arrive. And by a "whole lot," I mean the whole thing. After the split, we were left with 4 of 16 investigators, none of whom were progressing and attending church. One is on a vacation in Panama for two weeks. Surprise! We had our work cut out for us. That's for sure.

Missionary work has got to actually be WORK though, right? That's what makes it fun!

This weekend we helped a family move in and we truly experienced the blessings of having four missionaries in the ward. What corresponds perfectly with a number of 4?? HOGWARTS HOUSES. Apparently all of us LOVE Harry Potter and it made my heart soar. Our Ward Mission Leader is very tall, has a beard, and wears glasses - so naturally he was Dumbledore. The rest of us assigned ourselves to houses and began to receive house points for good things we'd do, and for trivia questions we'd answer. Magical things are happening in Bowmanville, I can tell you. I opted for Gryffindor (naturally), and was prepared to fight for it, but Elder Crane has red hair so he got Gryffindor by default. Lame. Sister Noker jumped in and noted that I was very cunning and deceitful so I should be Slytherin.  Whatever.  So just know, I am racking up the house points in honor of Salazar himself, over here, representing in Bowmanville.

This week we continued helping the Leebodys renovate their basement. I have been promoted to "project manager." Do you know how I know that? Because they told me I was the boss, asking me what to do next. Also, I got to operate the saw. That was really great, except also frightening because my experience with all those things was very limited, but apparently everyone was excited to follow my lead... Good thing we prayed before we began and no one died. People trust me way too much out here.
[Editor's note: Mallory has never operated a power tool without perilous and often permanent consequences - either to herself or others.  But, even then, none of the things she has operated included anything close to carbide-tipped teeth spinning at more than 4,000 rpm.  So we're very happy that they prayed before they began, and even happier (and surprised) that no one died.]

The Leebodys have been working closely with their friends from college whom they have been trying to share the gospel with, Mel and Peter. We've met Mel and Peter a couple times at game nights hosted at the Leebodys', and this weekend we helped them move into the ward boundaries, and also played catch phrase and had a pizza party after the move. We were able to share a message about our premortal existence with them and the spirit was definitely there. Peter asked some very thoughtful questions about our purpose on this earth and why we go through the experiences that we do. We were able to testify to him that the Lord knows us perfectly, so He knows exactly what we need to go through in order to become perfected through Christ. We're going to continue teaching them, they're interested to learn more about what we teach and their friends (the Leebodys) believe. It was awesome.

I am so grateful for the examples that the members of the church set for their friends and neighbors - all whom they come into contact with. Most of the people we randomly talk to know someone who is a member of the church in some way, and I am SO grateful when those associations are positive ones. It makes moving the work forward so much easier.

I hope that you are all staying safe, and are getting excited for Halloween! We don't really do anything fun for Halloween here, but I bet I'll be dressing up as a missionary :)

I love you! I miss you a whole lot.

Sister Hutchings


1. Emerson Leebody (2 1/2) and myself :) He's actually "Tiger" Leebody in this photo. His name changes whenever he puts on those tiger ears. He goes about roaring through the whole house, as well.

2. Mallory and the saw.
3. My new District!!


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