Monday, October 28, 2013

Countdown to Halloween!

Again I find myself in the last week of the transfer! So this coming Sunday will be transfer calls, which means that there is a chance that there will be change in the life of this little missionary. So if you have letters to send out after today, hold them until you get the update next P-day about where I will be and who my new compadre will be, etc.

Sister Noker and I are fairly certain that there will be changes happening around here, so it shall be pretty exciting.

Not too much happened for us this week. I was still recovering from sickness, so guilt set in pretty heavily each time I took a nap and rested in order to recuperate and repair my body. BUT I think that the Lord approved, because the moments we spent doing missionary work were some of the more productive moments we've had yet, and our teaching opportunities were incredible this week. So that was a great blessing.

So guess what? The end of the world happened this week. And don't worry, I'm not being dramatic in the least, I swear. It was just a regular October 23rd like any other, and we were in one of our northern towns visiting some classy folk when disaster struck: the first snowfall of the year. I was petrified. I couldn't even drive the car. I sat in place and just stared for a good fifteen minutes. There goes my hope of anymore warmth. The long-dreaded Canadian winter can no longer be denied.  There has not been anymore snow and nothing is on the ground, but I know it is coming. The weather is definitely playing with my heart.

We had interviews with President Scott this week! We have interviews with our mission president probably every third month or so. It was really great to be able to have a couple minutes to chat with him. Do you know what I learned? I learned that by Christmas we will have reached 300 missionaries in our mission. THAT IS ABSURD! That is so many missionaries! Most missions in the world have half that amount. It's because of the mission age change, missions are changing at such a rapid pace. I bet you that this mission will split again over the next year or so. Whew.

President Scott asked me to reflect upon the first half of my mission. Think about that - the first half! I can't believe that I'm halfway done; yet in some respects it seems like I have been a missionary for all of my life. He asked what I have learned about myself. I had so many things I have learned, I didn't know where to start. Missions are incredible, and anyone who serves a mission will NEVER regret the time they spent in the service of their God - regardless as to how they got there. President told me how proud he was of Sister Noker and me for working through all of our difficulties. This has been such a difficult companionship for us, especially from the beginning, but now things are so much better. It felt so good to know that the Lord gives us challenges, and then also provides us with the strength and support we need to overcome said challenges. I love this gospel.

So this Thursday is Halloween. I am so excited for Halloween. Guess what I'm dressing up as? You guessed it: A missionary! But we have to be inside our apartment at 6pm on Halloween and need to be as "productive as possible." So guess what we're going to do at some point? We're going to have a Monster Mash (aka our own Halloween Party)! Just the two of us. Pretty cute, eh? We have the best activity ever: We're going to read spooky/horror stories in the dark with flashlights on our faces... from the scriptures! Ha ha the Old Testament is full of them. I know you're jealous of us, life as a missionary is the best.  [Editors' note: We're really not sure what "as productive as possible" means, but we're pretty sure whoever came up with that wasn't thinking of "Mallory's Monster Mash"]

Speaking of scary, the member who we live with has stitches in his finger. I found this wonderful detail out when we had dinner at his house yesterday. I offered to take the stitches out and he said "yes." I am SO excited. So I'm taking out his stitches on Wednesday. Highlight of my week. By far. Don't worry, we'll pray first ;)

I love you all so much! Please stay safe. I think of you always. Get lots of candy this year for me. I miss you incredibly.

Sister Hutchings

1. Me in the first snowfall of the year.
2. Me staring at the first snowfall of the year from inside of the car. Maybe shedding some tears. 
3. First time with the leaf blower! I am absolutely dreadful. Sister Noker took over rather quickly after this photo was taken.

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