Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Called to Serve... In Seattle?

Sorry that this was so delayed! P-day was moved an extra day (but really I didn't have a P-day :))

This week was a pretty dang crazy one, I have to admit. Lots of strange happenings that seemed a bit out of control. But I'll start from the beginning of it all. 


I love her. We have had such a wonderful week together! As it turns out she has only been on her mission for about three months now, and just finished training. So she was just off the training program when I got her in Bowmanville. We are two peas in a pod, she and I. She is turning 20 this Thursday and is originally from California and has lived in Utah the past couple of years with her family. She is a student at the University of Utah (it's okay, I spared her some rivalry comments out of the Christlike parts of my heart). We decided that we could baptize all of Bowmanville together. Those are some good goals, we thought. Our District Leader told us perhaps it was a little unrealistic... Not sure if I came back with a little sass about his lack of faith. It seems like a long time ago, but it sounds like something I would have done :) 

Something really great happened this week that was quite unbelievable: a new investigator literally fell into our lap... at church. Diana called us earlier this week and said that she really wanted to come to our church service. So of COURSE we weren't about to tell her otherwise. Sure enough, on Sunday we had a fellow-shipper and whatnot arranged and in walked Diana! We were so excited to see her. In perfect timing for the primary program. She was basically taught the first two discussions by the children by their sweet testimonies and in song. It was awesome. I swear we don't have to do anything, the Lord's got it under control. Diana is already planning on coming next week and to all the upcoming activities. 

Do you know what is difficult? Trusting. Especially trusting in things I don't understand. And for me that is what this last week was about. There were some symptoms that I was experiencing that were getting in the way of this missionary work that I love and that were causing me too much pain. After a considerable amount of effort with the medical institutions available to me in Canada, the Missionary Medical department in Salt Lake City decided to send me back to Seattle where I could get the most rapid care available and return with little delay. So that is my current situation. I am currently at home in Sammamish Washington with my beloved family doing all that I can to maintain focus on what the Lord would have me do, as well as trying to receive the medical attention necessary to speedy quick return to the Great White North. Which I heard is actually beginning to get white. It snowed last night. Yikes... 

My my cute bishop's family. I love the Walcers and I'm going to miss them.

Don't worry, I spent my last night in Bowmanville decorating a Christmas tree with one of the members in our ward whom I love. It was a wonderful way to go. There's never too early a time to celebrate Christmas. No matter what anyone says. 

So yeah, Sister Hoki and I mourned our little 6 day companionship. Short lived. But that was probably because it was way too easy. We probably would teach and baptize all of Bowmanville. Sometimes things need to move slower than that. So I guess I needed to temporarily get kicked out of Canada. Don't worry, I'll be right back ;) 

Apparently the Lord has stuff for me to do here in Seattle. Which should be fun. Maybe I'll make Andy  my new companion and turn him into a missionary... Is that allowed? I'll pray about it. 

Sister Hutchings 

Monday, November 4, 2013


This was quite the interesting week. It was a very long week, which seems to have flown by much faster than I would have liked.

So I assume you're anxious for my transfer news, eh? Well if you're not, I'm going to pretend like you are and give it to you first anyway :) I will be staying here in Bowmanville and my new companion is Sister Hoki. I have met Sister Hoki a few times because she is currently serving in my zone. But I don't know much about her. She's been serving in the field for about 4 1/2 months at this point I think...? I'll have more for you about her next week, after we've actually been together.

This week was definitely Halloween, and we had about all the missionary fun that we could :) I have for you some photos of our Halloween shenanigans that occurred during this week. We had quite a lot of fun. The elders in our ward cooked up some jello in brain molds. We were intending to carve the angel Moroni into a pumpkin... But sometimes marvelous ideas are only left as intentions, we never got to that part. Bummer. I think the whole of Canada suffered because of it.

Tracey was confirmed this week in Sacrament meeting and received the gift of the Holy Ghost. What a wonderful blessing that will be to her. I am so proud of all that she has decided to do these past couple of months. I feel like a mother beaming with pride at my dearest child each time someone I have had the privilege to teach decides to make covenants with our wonderful God in heaven.

Lots of little miracles happened in the work yesterday, which was wonderful after the roller coaster of the week that occurred. I am so grateful the Lord knows exactly what we need and provides for us exactly when we need it.

 One of my dearest friends I have made in the mission is going home on Wednesday. He's the first one who I've known well to go home. It is so weird. It really puts into perspective how fast mission life just flies by. There seriously is no other bond that is forged than between those in service of the Lord. It is incredible and I am so very blessed to know all those I've been able to grow to love thus far in Canada. No matter what, whenever you think the Lord can use you to change others, you will look back and find the most change occurred within yourself. That's my life right now.

I love you all and I hope that you have a wonderful week! Stay safe,

Sister Hutchings

1. Halloween silliness with Elders McKay and Crane
2. Our jello brains and other Halloween goodness
3. A CRAZY decorated house in Bowmanville!
4. Elder Inception...?
5. Our last District Meeting, it was wonderful. We have a tradition with chocolate eggs called "Kinder Surprise" eggs that have toys inside of them. Throughout the mission on transfer week you buy a kinder egg and open it up. You then interpret the toy on the inside which fortells your transfer news. It's great fun. This is a photo of us with our Kinder Egg transfer predictions :)